Master Program of Marine Engineering ITS is only master program in Indonesia that offers advanced education that is related to marine engineering technologies. We specify our curriculum to match the technological advancements in marine engineering scope which arise from a mixture of multi disciplines, in particular those that are related to engineering. Marine Engineering Master Program has the primary expertise in conducting research in the field of building design and system engineering that are categorized as floating structures and offshores. Some examples of these may include machining systems, propulsions, electrical, piping, navigations, reliabilities, oil and gas operational risk management, and system safety, all of which accommodate these designs.


[Research Scopes]

Some of the researched scopes that have been our main focus are :

Marine Machinery System [MMS Lab] : Conducting researches on ship machineries that are related to fluid mechanics, control, heat transfer, thermodynamics, ship piping system, ship fuel system and lubrication, and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

Marine Power Plant [MPP Lab] : Conducting researches on ship propulsion and powering system, engine propeller matching (EPM), ship fuel products, alternative fuels, emission control, machine vibration, and maritime energy.

Marine Manufacturing and Design [MMD Lab] : Conducting researches on design and manufacturing engineering, designing ship machineries, CAD & CAM, ergonomics, materials, and strengths.

Marine Electrical and Automation System [MEAS Lab] : Conducting researches on electric power, electrical machines and their driving mechanisms, instrumentation system and control, electrical installations, and protection systems.

Marine Reliability and Availability, Management, and Safety [RAMS Lab] : Conducting researches on ship machineries that are related to ship safety systems, navigations, maritime economics, reliabilities, and risk management.

Marine Operation and Maintenance [MOM Lab]  : Conducting researches on ship machineries that are related to maintenance management system, survey, ship inspections, and asset integrity management.


[Postgraduate Programs Offer]

Marine Engineering Master Program Study

[Magister Teknik (MT.), 2 Years study period]

Marine Engineering Double Degree Master Program Study

[Magister Teknik (MT.) & Master of Science (M.Sc.), 2 Years Study Period]

1st and 3rd Semesters are spent at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)

2nd Semester is spent at Wismar University (HSW), Germany

4th Semester (Thesis) is an optional semester at either ITS or HSW.