First Year Batch 2017
Double Degree Students from
PT. PAL Indonesia


Marine Engineering Department ITS has been collaborating with Hochschule Wismar University (HSW), German in jointly opening a Double Degree (DD) study program for Master of Science (M.Sc) and Master of Engineering (M.Eng) level.  This study program focuses its specialities in the field of Marine Engineering. This program is being conducted as a continuation from Double Degree (DD) Marine Engineering Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) Program  Study, which has been held in Marine Engineering Department ITS since 2011.

Marine Engineering Department ITS is one of the Department in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember that has its competencies in the field of machine designing, electrical, piping, safety, HVAC, and all the systems required to support the maritime industry including ship constructions, shipping and port operations. Due to these advantages of the Marine Engineering Double Degree Program, the students may be given an effective access to a wide and international range of industrial connectivity for technical, operational and commercial study fields not only in Indonesia but also in Europe, so that students hopefully may have undertake a better technology-based implementation, research and further a high level careers after their graduation.


[Lecture Scheme]

Double Degree program in Master of Science (M.Sc) and Magister Teknik (M.T) of Marine Engineering should be completed minimum in four semesters. Two semesters (1st and 2nd semester) will be held at ITS Surabaya Indonesia, the 3rd semester will be held at HSW Rostock Germany, and the last 4th semester is optional either at ITS  or at HSW Germany (based on student’s choice)



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